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What is TEM (Telecommunications Expense Management)

It is no secret that telecommunications represents a major expense for a company of any size. How do you manage your Telecommunication Expenses? You’ve might had heard the term Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) tossed about before. But just what is it?Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) is the methodology by which organizations can best manage one of their most critical strategic assets: the telecom. TEM encompasses the technology, processes, policy, and people needed. On the technology side, there needs to be a software platform to help inventory your Telecom assets (e.g., circuits, services, equipment, locations, invoices, accounts), enforce business processes (e.g., ordering, approving, problem resolution), and manage access to critical Telecommunications infrastructure information. The people are the experts in networking and telecom that follow the methodologies and use the software to deploy, manage, and decommission the telecom network.TEM brings together silos of technology, data, and people into one centralized and collaborative ecosystem where all the participants are interlinked and ultimately different systems can talk together: ordering talks to inventory, inventory talks to billing, ticketing talks to inventory, network management talks to inventory, network management talks to contract SLAs, etc. TEM also brings a standardized set of best practice repeatable processes to the organization using it. All order and invoice processing should happen the same way across the entire organization after TEM is deployed.Things You Can Do With TEMOnce you have all the technology, processes, policy, and people in place in your telecom organization, what types of things will you be able to do to better manage your telecom operations? The following is a sample list of some of these things:- An accurate inventory of every network element in your company
- Assess the impact of the network on the company’s bottom line
- Pay your bills on time
- Validate the accuracy of your invoices
- Allocate costs back to the appropriate organization
- Dispute invoice charges with the carrier
- Predict future network costs
- Build your telecom budget
- Optimize your existing network infrastructure
- Negotiate better contracts with your providers
- Analyze your Call Detail Reporting (CDR) from your invoices and your telephone switches
- Centralize all your telecom data into one single repository for doing data reporting, analysis, and business intelligence.All of these facets of Telecom Expense Management are related. They depend upon each other so each one can function properly. It is a comprehensive approach to controlling what is one of the greatest expenditures in many businesses. Inventory control depends upon procurement. Procurement relies on Optimization’s recommendations, and so on.With the economy being as sluggish as it is, it pays to have a professional Telecom Expense Management team come in and put that part of your business in order. Remember, they will probably save more money for you than the fees they charge, so there is really no reason not to give them a call. Find a reputable Telecom Expense Management company and see what they can do for you.

Hot Selling Products Wooden Duck Wholesale This Week

An ornament is a decoration. The significance of ornament has risen dramatically in recent years. Because ornaments are one of the best home decor products, interior designers are stressing their use to enhance the home’s look. Wooden duck ornament is a piece of delicately carved decorative art. Wooden ducks can be used as both beauty and luck to the abode.

First of all, a duck is any cute-looking waterbird that is relatively small and short-necked, which symbolizes love, family, vigilance, clarity, protection, feelings, grace, good fortune, and strength.

Duck ornaments as a symbol of Love

Ducks have the same privileges as love birds regarding marriage, relationships, love, and affection. Paintings of duck couples can be found in bedrooms, and bath towels folded in the shape of ducks can be found in hotels, offering a warm and affectionate sense. It’s been known since ancient times that having a pair of duck paintings or showpieces in the house provides good luck in partnerships.

The Duck couple has been memorialized in wedding presents such as wooden carvings and even in the language of love. This is because these ducks are monogamous, meaning that once they find a partner, they stay together for the rest of their lives. As a result, they have become the ideal emblem of devotion, marriage, and love. In the Korean wedding ceremony, it is customary for a man who intends to marry to purchase a pair of live ducks as a gift for his future wife. This tradition allows for using wooden ducks instead of actual birds to symbolize matrimonial harmony.

Duck ornament as a symbol of vigilance

A wooden duck ornament represents vigilance, which is the act of paying attention to what is going on around you. It could be for safety reasons or to keep an eye on prospective opportunities. Ducks are recognized for their affinity for water. Flowing water is frequently associated with transformation and clarity. Ducks are hence symbols of clarity, honesty, and simplicity.

Duck Ornament from the point of Vastu

Vastu is concerned with the flow of energy into your home and life. In Chinese Vastu, the duck occupies an important position. Ancient Chinese believe that keeping ducks in the home always brings good luck and fortune. Keeping a pair of wooden ducks can help you find your soul partner more quickly or resolve marital disputes. They claim that it promotes internal peace and calm and cooperative relationships among the structure’s occupants.

Duck ornament as a show-piece

A showpiece is a must-have for every home decor. Wooden ducks ornaments offer a lovely touch to a corner or embellish showcase, making your property appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Duck ornaments as gifts

Gifts may bring a smile to anyone’s face, whether it’s for a particular occasion or simply to express affection to those you care about. showpieces are wonderful for displaying your special, priceless moments and gift memories, as well as giving you pride of place in their hearts. The wooden duck ornament will serve as an ideal present for your friends all family for the occasion of birthdays, housewarming, or casual get-togethers.